The love of men❤️

I think a men is right for a woman when he keeps her life in track no matter what happen his love just change everything……….❤️

When a men have true feelings on woman,the strength of his love just impact her and help her to get rid of her every pain and sorrows………🤩

Everything seems to be beautiful when right woman holds your hand not temporarily,but for life time……….😊

These type of men don’t have any intensions to hurt or cheat a women they’re very loyal and honest which is hard to find…….🤞

And if you think people change with time nope they never because their intentions very same from beggining…..💯

If u believe that these men are fictional then let me tell you these kind of men are everywhere may be just among us ….🥰

Its just that to find a right men you need to be right woman who is ready to go through every phase of life, with him….. Accepting his flaws,ready to fight to compromise alot of things because beautiful things neither come that easy nor stay that easy 🥰🥰

I hope u love it …… Just my view 😀 comment if u love it 😁

Until you come back….

Hello buddies …… I came up with an another story…..

I hope u all are fine and iam too fine…

Some memories can’t be taken forever ❤️

Some special memories with u always bring me a smile….forever

I feel I could bring u back into my life for a while to have long conversations with you because every time when I meet you your eyes mesmerise me alot

I miss you alot I know we can’t be at same place but after 3 years I hope I can be with you forever….

But the fact is ocean never dries up like my tears never dries up….u will be forever in my heart….until you back …..

The memories that you gave me in these few months can’t be faded …….

A short Love story

There was a girl who was playing in a park . She was a best football player she loves to play at the evening times a match in a park ….

24th June 2010

Like randomly she went to play her football match while passing a bush she saw a picture of a person …she was a 11yrs girl how loves only football started loving the boy in the picture . Every evening after her match she used to search for the boy in the picture .. but she couldn’t find him..

After 10 yrs she was married but these 10yrs she never stopped to go the park in sake of to search him…instantly after marriage she forget about him…

1 August 2020

She was walking with his husband in a park randomly her husband saw the picture of the boy in her wallet ….he just smiled!!!

He said hey, sara who was the guy in your wallet???

She replied ,

He was “my first love”

Arjun by blushing he replied “I lost this picture when I was 11 years old”

Oh my dear…..

Oh my dear….

Show me the love of rains

I will fill you and me as mine

Listen my love…..

I’m yours forever .I loved u so much

A thousand times in a moment

Oh my dear….

If u are no more there will be no life

I’ve left the world for u…my life end at u

Listen my love…..

It’s not necessary that sky always get to meet the earth

Because ….

Our relationship can’t be measurable

Oh my dear….

Hold my hand tightly

Your the world with heaven

Listen my love

Our relationship which is incomplete will complete soon

A thought by

Gayatri srinivas

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